Devan Munn


Process Engineer

Anvil Corporation

Since 2013


Database Reconciliation - VBA Analysis

    • Using Visual Basic, developed a tool which was used to compare specific categories between database reports
    • Streamlined the need to compare subsequent reports at regular future intervals
    • The tool enabled refinery management to quickly identify database inconsistencies and streamline the update process
    • With the ability to identify inconsistencies quickly, Unit Turnaround schedules were adjusted, as needed, to ensure compliance with OSHA audit demands


Refinery Relief System Risk Mitigation - Front-end Design

    • Worked on site at client refinery to evaluate existing process risks in order to design system changes to mitigate those risks
    • Engineered solutions related to: pumps, pocketed piping, excessive hydraulic losses, inadequately sized (or unprotected) relief systems, two-phase flow, control systems, pumps, boilers and vessel designs
    • Used computer simulations (Aspen Hysys) to model Unit Operations for heat and material balances and hydraulic analysis
    • Worked with client finance analyst to generate cost estimates for each solution
    • Utilized client systems to gather updated process data using excel and PI ProcessBook, to ensure that the new designs were relevant and accurate
    • Generated comprehensive reports for presentation to client
    • Held regularly scheduled meetings to present the evaluations to refinery engineers and operations to allow relevant parties to select the most efficient and cost effective option, which would be advanced to detailed design
    • Drafted design bases related to the client-selected options
    • Helped manage project time line and ensure deliverables were available by target dates
    • Interacted regularly with various levels of client personnel from all disciplines to maintain a relationship of trust and accountability between client and Anvil
    • Corroborated with engineers from Anvil and client to identify and explore possible solutions to each risk
    • During this project 75 Findings were evaluated across 5 Refinery Units with solutions chosen and sent to Anvil for subsequent detailed design.


Injection System for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

    • Analyzed hydraulic systems for chemical injection into ultra-low sulfur diesel and hydrocracker recycle oil as fuel delivery lines
    • Evaluated and designed injection pumps, control valves, tanks and additive recycle system
    • Updated P&IDs and developed PFD's
    • Process lead in HAZOP P&ID review with the client project and process engineers and operations
    • Upon completion of the project, client met the target deadline to take advantage of a unique market advantage with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel production based on new EPA requirements for fuel emissions for maritime transport.


Refinery Process Unit Analyses - Safe Operating and Design Limits

    • Worked on site at client refinery with process engineering and operations staff to evaluate all units to determine Safe Operating and Design Limits for all equipment
    • Developed VBA macros which streamlined the data manipulation, to create comprehensive Unit equipment reports, for use by client personnel
    • Regularly collaborated with Unit Engineers and Operations to review and validate the information contained in the equipment tables
    • The tables generated in this project enable project engineers and operations to quickly identify the safety and process information associated with each major piece of equipment to facilitate maintenance, diagnose process upsets and expedite unit updates.


Crude Rail Unloading - Dynamic Modeling

    • Developed dynamic simulation in Hysys to model the gravity induced drain rates of crude oil from 104 rail cars
    • Generated graphical reports, for client review, to illustrate draining conditions in various scenarios
    • The client utilized this information to ensure that their new rail system was successful in moving the necessary quantities of crude deliveries.


Refinery Flare System Analysis

    • Reviewed P&ID's and PFD's and evaluated hydraulics for multiple units relieving to flare
    • Developed hydraulic summaries of PSV relief scenarios
    • Generated Hysys simulations of hydraulic systems in order to calculate backpressures at each PSV to identify inadequate relief systems
    • Prepared summary reports for each unit studied indicating where additional attention is required from the client’s process group


Relief Evaluation: Fluid Catalytic Cracker and Gas Recovery Units

    • Evaluated relief systems within the unit operations to validate current relief capacities
    • Sized new relief valves where capacity requirements changed from previous studies


Piping System Modifications

    • Redesigned refinery piping runs to accommodate new maintenance and roadway requirements
    • Analyzed hydraulic implications to maintain proper flow characteristics and avoid pocketed piping


Work Group Administrator

    • Updated process group tools/templates (in Excel), to improve the consistency of results generated by different engineers
    • Managed software for the Process group to ensure that Aspen and Pro II were always running properly for the different client simulations

Devan Munn, E.I.T.


B.S. Chemical Engineering, May 2013


University of Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

Chemical Engineer - Work Study

Rio Tinto - Kennecott Utah Copper



    • Analyzed smelter-wide mass balance to ensure plant operation was predictable and financially stable
    • Prepared detailed studies on smelter processes which improved process performance
    • Collaborated with multidisciplinary teams of engineers on projects to finish projects more quickly and efficiently
    • Initiated projects to improve throughput rates in order to minimize downtime from bottleneck processes
    • Involved with drafting financial feasibility studies and reports


ETrade Financial



    • Certified with Series 7, Series 63
    • Worked full time while attending school part time
    • Simplified complex trading strategies into manageable steps
    • Utilized spreadsheet tools to improve reporting and analysis
    • Generated $15mm in new assets in 2010

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